Fun Things for Us

The things we both enjoy:

being at home together
It's really great to just share the same household!
Susan and Charles setting up the Christmas tree our friend Bruce gave us.

renovating our home together
Even though it is a continuous job, we have fun working on home projects together.
Susan removing wallpaper.

We enjoy reading, especially interesting magazines and books concerning social issues and educational topics.

enjoying our photo collection
One of our favorite pastimes is our photo collection.  We are trying to keep an updated collection of photos available and enjoy taking pictures to enjoy our memories.  We are always happy to get a hold of updated photos from our friends and family to put into our photo albums.  Charles is working on putting our photos on CD so we can share them with other family members and friends.

taking walks together
We like to walk to Shieling Forest, which is about three quarters of a mile down the street from us, where we can enjoy the various hiking paths.
Map of Shieling Forest.
Us in Shieling Forest.
Returning home.

engagement in lifelong learning
We both believe that the key to a better society overall lies in continuing education, and seek continuing higher learning.

traveling and sightseeing together
We have been fortunate enough to be able to get away on a few trips together and we always have a great time with one another!
Our trip to Texas 8/1-8/5/1999, on our way
In Cleburne
In Fort Worth
At the Dallas/Fort Worth airport Hyatt
Our trip to Loon Mountain, New Hampshire on 8/7/1999

working on our Internet website
It has turned out to be a lot of fun putting together this website and pooling our ideas for how it should look and its content. The neat thing is that it is another activity we are able to enjoy together!

watching science fiction shows and movies
We enjoy most sci-fi movies. We have seen all of the Star Wars movies. We have watched the original Start Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Start Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Earth: Final Conflict, and Babylon V. If any of these links don't work, please let us know.

Although we both enjoy gardening, Susan particularly enjoys flowering plants. We haven't have a chance to have a garden since 1999! Eventually perhaps there will be a better opportunity for us. We did build a flower garden in front of the house during the summer of 2001 and have been keeping that going.

conversing with each other
This is probably our favorite pastime. We share our daily experiences and never tire of talking with one another!

visiting museums
We made a trip to the Currier museum in Manchester, NH in the spring of 1999 and saw a beautiful collection of glass paperweights when it was on display there. We're intending to get to Boston and do some museum sightseeing there also. It's been a really long time since we have gone to a museum!

taking drives together
Sometimes it's neat to just go out and ride through the beautiful scenery around the Peterborough and surrounding areas. We ventured out a little further on 8/8/99 and drove to Loon Mountain and then up to Berlin, NH, putting 420 miles on the car between 8am and midnight that day! We drove to Burlington, New Jersey to attend the annual Alternatives to Violence national meeting on 9/3 and 9/4/1999. We drove in excess of 680 miles on this trip.
Our trip to Loon Mountain, New Hampshire on 8/7/1999

Both of us really enjoy dabbling in the kitchen! And of course eating - perhaps too much!

facilitating AVP workshops
We both enjoy facilitating Alternatives to Violence Project workshops here and there when possible. We have been involved with AVP New Hampshire since 1993 and have traveled to Nigeria with AVP International.

star gazing
The sky is very clear over the Peterborough, NH area. We are fortunate to have a better view of the stars than those of you dwelling in the cities! We had an excellent view of Mars during August 2003 when it was at its closest to Earth. And an excellent view of the moon when it was at its closest in 2011.

the family
Another source of enjoyment for us is the family.

and most of all - we enjoy each other
We enjoy our time together doing all the somethings and nothings that go along with sharing a household with a loving partner!

Susan also enjoys:

baking bread, cookies, pies, cakes, listening to rock and classical music, and walking on her NordicTrack.

Charles also enjoys:

working on our cars (sometimes), working on computer systems, working on our home, and woodworking.


You can email either or and we'll get back to you!

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